Hermes Pillow Avalon Camel / Ecru Large

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The classic Hermes Pillow Avalon in a beautiful combination of Camel and Ecru Large colors will be a stylish addition to your interior. The Avalon pillow can be used to decorate living room furniture or a car seat. They are pleasant to the touch and very recognizable due to the “H” monogram.

The removable cover is made from 85 % merino wool and 15 % cashmere and has serged edges. The Hermes Avalon blanket is ideal for the pillow (see product list).

If you want to buy Hermes Pillow Avalon Camel/Ecru Large, leave a request on our website and we will contact you. Comes with Hermes signature orange box.

Dimensions: 70/70 cm

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On the model example picotin
Types of Hermes leather for our bags and accessories
Our factory cooperates
with the best tanneries in Europe
, respectively, all the leather used in tailoring is imported
Add an Accessory to your collection
and wear it on your favorite bags.
Threads for Hermes bags and accessories
We do not use machine stitching

Absolutely all products are sewn by hand. To perform this type of sewing, a saddle stitch is used.

The dynamics of animal images, their grace, movements, energy, controlled by a person and aimed at getting pleasure from walking were the basis of the brand philosophy.

Hermes color palette
We carry out tailoring according to the official Hermes palette

Including rare and discontinued flowers. When coloring the material, the factory does not use artificial dyes, which allows the color to be attached deep into the skin structure.

The subsequent processing with a fixer according to a special technology guarantees color stability for many years.

By choosing our accessories you can be sure
that the fittings do not darken over time and, thanks to a reliable coating, are less susceptible to scratches, which ensures a long service life of the product.
Also we can upon special order, decorate the fittings with diamonds. The purest diamonds (VVS) from Saudi Arabia are used for inlay. The stones are guaranteed for the entire period of operation of the product.
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Hermes Pillow Avalon Camel / Ecru Large

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Hermes Pillow Avalon Camel / Ecru Large
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You've made a luxury choice

Hermes Pillow Avalon Camel / Ecru Large

Hermes Pillow Avalon Camel / Ecru Large
We are always in touch via messengers