HERMES Picotin
Hermes Picotin different original design and unobtrusive originality
Stylish Picotin tote bag
was first released in 1958 and immediately won the hearts of fashion girls. Each Hermes creation pays homage to the history of the fashion house specializing in equestrian equipment.
The Picotin shape is modeled after a horse feed bag.
Picotin bag has two small handles
and closes with a padlock with a key using a leather strap. The Picotin model has no inner lining so you can see the quality of the materials.
A convenient small size model with one roomy compartment, presented in our store in three sizes 18/18/13 cm, 22/22/19 cm, 26.7/26.7/22 cm. 

Hermes bags picotin

You can buy a Hermes Picotin bag from the manufacturer in Moscow in the Factoria-Moscow online store. We manually create branded products in the authentic category of the famous French brand Hermes.

When making each Hermes Picotin bag, our craftsmen use the original matrix as the basis, using exclusively genuine Hermes materials, premium leather, Fil Au Chinois threads and Swiss RiRi fittings. The entire process of creating each product is supervised by an experienced employee who has spent a long time learning the basics of craftsmanship at the Hermes fashion house. The key to success in working on Picotin handbags is the mono-brand of the factory and adherence to key aspects of the production process: exclusively handmade work (no machine stitching), correct stitch inclination, processing of the leather edge without sagging or unevenness, hot stamping technology, etc.

We sell Picotin bags to our customers without involving intermediaries. This makes it possible to guarantee the branded quality of each handbag, and also allows us to create an economically sound, attractive price for the Hermes Picotin bag and other Hermes bags (Birkin, Kelly, Bolide).
Hermes Picotin 18
Hermes Picotin Cargo 18

Unique style of Hermes Picotin handbags

The Hermes Picotin tote bag was first presented to the fashionable public more than half a century ago - in 1958, immediately winning the recognition of selective young ladies. When creating it, the designers of the Hermes fashion house drew inspiration from equestrian sports, and therefore the appearance of the Hermes Picotin bags is similar to the feeding bags that were used to store oats for horses. Thus, stylish Hermes Picotin became comfortable and relaxed companions for their owners, combining impeccable style with an original creation story.

In our store, Hermes Picotin products are presented in the following sizes: 13/18/18 cm, 19/22/22 cm, 22/26.7/26.7 cm. We are also always happy to offer a new modification of the Hermes Picotin Cargo model with a convenient pocket for storing small items .

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