HERMES 24/24
Combines unique classics and sporty chic

This model acquires special elegance due to its rounded shape.
and a rigid valve that closes with a light touch
24/24 Mini 21 cm Evercolor
Bag design very unusual - a cross between Birkin and Kelly
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Hermes 24/24 bags

The sturdy top handle is very stylish and comfortable. There is a flap on the front and an elegant rounded clasp that closes easily with a simple twist of your fingertips.
The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
All in all, this bag has it all.
both functionality and appearance. It's perfect for special occasions or just for work.
24/24 is available to order in two leather combinations: Togo with Swift smooth leather or Clemence with Sombrero.
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Hermes 24/24 - 29 cm - Beige de Weimar
hermes 24/24
The 24/24 Hermès bag appeared on the fashion scene in the fall season of 2018 and immediately attracted the attention of the public. The creators of Hermès 24/24 drew inspiration from Hermè's legendary Birkin and Kelly models, but added an accentuated sporty chic to the unique classics. The loose silhouette and bold lines of Hermès 24/24 are an excellent option for both a work day and an evening out.

It is largely for its versatility that customers around the world have fallen in love with the Hermès 24/24 bag. It is typically carried using the top handle, but a removable strap that attaches to the back of the bag allows the Hermès 24/24 bag to be carried over the shoulder or crossbody. Some even use the small Hermès 24/24 model as a clutch, which is also acceptable and very elegant.

Hermès 24/24 acquires a luxurious look thanks to its rounded shape combined with a rectangular rigid valve, which can be closed with a light touch of the owner’s fingers. Being flexible and elastic in structure, the Hermès 24/24 bag is very spacious, which is appreciated by modern business ladies.

Features of purchasing a Hermes 24/24 bag

The Factoria-Moscow online store offers the opportunity to buy a Hermès 24/24 bag in Moscow directly from the manufacturer on attractive terms. We handcraft signature products in the authentic category of the popular French brand Hermes.

Each Hermes handbag is created entirely by hand. When developing a model of any bag, our craftsmen take the original matrix as a basis, using only genuine Erme materials, premium imported leather, Fil Au Chinois threads and Swiss RiRi fittings.

The process of creating each product is carefully monitored by one of the most experienced employees of the factory, who for many years has learned the basics of creating authentic Ermes bags in the fashion house. We are a mono-brand factory that scrupulously follows key aspects of the production process. Namely: hand-made work on the bag without using machine stitching, a logo with hot stamping technology, the correct tilt of the stitch, a new stamp with the master’s code and year of manufacture, etc.
Hermes 24/24 29 cm Togo/Swift
Working without intermediaries, Factoria-Moscow has the opportunity to create an economically feasible price for a bag that is attractive to customers. There are currently two leather combinations available to order: the Togo 24/24 bag with smooth Swift leather and the Hermès 24/24 handbag in a combination of Clemence and Sombrero.
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